About Us

Ballscrew Guys is a service of Richardson Precision Inc.

Ballscrew Guys are experienced field service technicians specializing in CNC ball screw repair and refurbishment services. We travel, a lot. As such we have staged parts and tools around the country to provide you rapid regional service. We quote flat rate prices whenever possible and work with you on travel expenses (travel splits, etc.) when needed. Our services are performed on site at your facility to minimize your downtime and lost production - and we do it at a far lower cost than the manufacturer and even less than repair depots without the time and effort of shipping your screws across the country.

If you need to mail us correspondence for some reason, please send it to our billing address:

Richardson Precision Inc.
11816 Inwood Rd #3204
Dallas, TX 75244-8011

What do you work on?

We have serviced and installed hundreds of ball screws and linear guide rails and blocks over the past twenty years and understand each machine has its own history and special needs. Keep in mind not all issues require ball screw maintenance or require a technician to perform an on-site inspection so please call us to see if we can help. If we cannot perform the services required we will refer you to someone who can. All services we perform are covereed by a limited warranty.

How much does it cost?

Our standard refurbishment services are typically 50-70% lower than the manufacturer and can get you back to "like new" condition. We offer service specials for our most common machine repairs and will work with you to itemize a quote on anything you have with a linear motion system.

When can we be there?

Typically within two (2) weeks. We specialize in fixing linear motion related issues at your facility and at your convenience. We can come out and inspect your equipment within three (3) business days in emergency situations. Take advantage of our flat rate specials by scheduling six (6) weeks in advance so we can bundle travel with other companys in your region to save you money (and us travel time).

How long will it take?

In most cases 1-2 axes can be turned in one production shift.